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Hello There.

I'm Anne. My passion is and always has been the environment. The mountains, the forests, the plants, the trees, birds, and of course, my personal favorite, the animals.


I started this company because I wanted to do more for the environment. Sure I recycle, walk everywhere I can, am careful with how much electric I use, eat food I grow in my garden, and all that kind of stuff. I try, whenever I can, to care for the environment. Is it enough? No. But I keep trying to do more every day.


What I really want is to move the entire human community as a whole toward sustainable living. Lofty goal I know but it helps all of us—people, the plants, the animals, and the environment as a whole.


I realize that it is not always easy for people to live sustainably. Sometimes they need to be educated. Other times they don't seem to know which products and services to use. Whatever they reason


More often than not I find that people don't know what companies are producing environmentally friendly products and services that they can use. Or they don't know anything about how to start, and they need to be educated. Whatever the reason


find out what companies produce environmentally sustainable products and services so I combined my passion for writing and the environment and decided to produce content for businesses, professional organizations, nonprofits, and educational institutions who are already doing great work on behalf of the environment.


I believe if we all do as much as we can to protect the environment personally, and if we support businesses, nonprofits, professional organizations, and educational institutions who are already producing sustainable products and services, we can move everyone closer to that goal of global environmental sustainablity.


Think of a world where people in every culture practice sustainable living. Think of how that would literally change the social and environmental landscape of this planet. That’s the kind of world I want to live in. And I’m confident that we can get there. Together.


My company’s commitment to the environment doesn’t end when we complete our client’s project. Each time we finish a project, Oak Leaf Communication will make a donation to an environmentally friendly nonprofit organization. You see, together we really can change the world.


Let’s get started!

Together we really can change the world. Really.

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